Brave Goals, Balanced Friendships 678

Brave Goals, Balanced Friendships Girl & Grown-up Workshops

Learn how to be a good friend to self and others, and practice tools to navigate conflict, speak up, and make decisions that align with personal values, wisdom and goals. There are two Grades 6, 7 & 8 workshops to choose from. This workshop is not being offered at the moment.

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How does this work?

A Girls Leadership educator will facilitate an engaging and fun interactive session online via Zoom once a week. Each session includes up to 12 girls and their caregivers, creating a brave space for both of you to learn new skills. We’ll start every workshop with games, have group discussions, and practice role-playing fictional scenarios using a variety of tools on or off-camera. 




Week One: Identifying True Friendship Values
Week Two: Coping with Challenging Emotions and Creating Self-Care Plans
Week Three: Communication Strategies: Boundaries and Compromise
Week Four: Setting Brave Goals

Our curriculum is focused on the following domains with lessons aligned to developmentally appropriate outcomes.

Domains Day Camp



Dates & Times

We’ll meet once a week for four weeks.

Each session is 90 minutes 


How much does it cost?

$200 per Girl & Grown-up Pair ($50 per session)

Maximum of 12 pairs.


My girl is doing a good job of recognizing everyday acts of bravery. She is realizing that she herself is very brave.

“My favorite part about the workshop is Pair Share. I like that we can share things with our grown-ups and sometimes they tell you things about themselves you didn’t know.”

– Overheard in a virtual workshop


Cancellation Policy: No refunds or credits are available within 30 days of the start of the program.

***Please note that online registration closes approximately 24 hours before the start of the workshop. If you wish to register for a workshop within 24 hours of the start time, please call 866-744-9102 ext. 0 between the hours of 8am–4pm PT, M-F.***