Dear Ms. Starr, How can I stop worrying that people are thinking the worst of me? Even when I am around my family I sometimes become extremely unsure about what to do or say. I’m so insecure because I always assume that people will think what I’m doing or saying is silly, weird, irritating, or …

Hi Rachel,

There’s this girl that I’ve been friends with for several years and I’ve always considered her as my best friend. Lately, though, she hasn’t really been acting like a friend. She has been putting me down a lot with little teasing remarks. I mean they aren’t that major just small things, but I’m a very sensitive person and they really hurt.

I don’t say anything because I don’t want her to think that I’m overly sensitive, emotional, or weak, so I just kind of shrug them off and try to forgive and forget, which for me is nearly impossible.