Radical Poetry


For girls in grades 5-12 who are new to poetry and artists looking to hone your skills, Radical Poetry is a workshop where you can find your power through art.


November 6, 2020 
4-5:30 Pacific Time / 7-8:30pm Eastern Time 
Limited to 20 girls 



Block out that inner critic and hone in on your creativity and your story.  
In this 90 minute workshop you’ll learn to: 

  • Break/ bend rules of grammar, writing and imagery
  • Craft/ honor/ share YOUR story, YOUR narrative
  • Use your creative juice to hydrate the page and stage
  • Connect with others through creation, vulnerability, sharing, and community
  • Walk away with something tangible 
  • Carve out a sculpture of voice/ feelings
  • Find the beauty in discovery
  • And more!


Walk away with an original piece of work 
This is what to expect from our time together: 

  • Warm up/ Icebreaker
  • Literary Device focus for the session
  • Poet to anchor
  • Writing time and sentence frames
  • Share out/ Open Mic for those that want to share in a brave space. 


Learn from a poet who has won multiple (yes multiple) poetry slam competitions  
This workshop is taught by Girls Leadership educator Danielle Bero who has won multiple slam competitions and has been published in poetry journals and magazines across the country. 


And find inspiration from youth poets, BIPOC poets, and LGBTQIA poets. 
What we know is that girls are #ReadyToLead and there are some pretty amazing poets out there. Have you ever heard of Amanda Gorman


One last thing. Girls are already leading. Check out this poem from our very own Summer Program alum. 
We incorporate art into all of our programs for girls, including our LeadHERship Club starting Nov. 3 for middle and high school girls.   


My Voice 

The way people speak their minds used to be called 
“Freedom of Speech” 
The way people enforce the thought of the mind is called 
“Their Voice” 
The feelings of speaking your mind is called 
“Bravery” “ 
The feeling of enforcing your thoughts into the world is called 
We live in a world where we put a restriction on how,when,what,who,and why we say things We downgrade ourselves without even realizing it 
Voice stands for 
Verbal Opinions In Complex Expressions 
My Voice Stands for 
a chance for unsolicited breaking of the social,political,economic, and cultural norms. But there’s a feeling of empowerment,entitlement,fierce,freedom 
And this feeling won’t stop 
The feeling I feel will continue to burst as long as the daring,outspoken,powerful beast that I am continues 
to roar through our generation 
Making my mark until there is nothing left to say 
Nothing left to say means My voice can no longer be heard which is 
— Naysa — 


Join us to use art as a powerful way to influence change in the world.