Trauma-Informed Care to Healing-Centered Engagement Workshop

Healing Centered Engagement Workshop

Trauma-Informed Care to Healing-Centered Engagement Workshop

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Trauma-Informed Care to Healing-Centered Engagement Workshop

Understanding the roots and impact of trauma helps us understand our own triggers and respond to our students’ needs in a way that creates a sense of safety. In this workshop, we will explore how to create environments that are trauma-informed and healing-centered. Healing-centered engagement offers the opportunity to reflect, hope, and imagine with youth and within our institutions. In this interactive, virtual workshop we’ll explore the theory behind trauma-informed practices and healing-centered engagement, and delve into the practical applications for our work with youth.

Receive the following four lessons you can use right away to nurture warm and authentic partnerships with youth and build healing-centered classrooms and youth programs:

  • Reimagining School as a Healing Centered Environment
  • Practicing Social-Emotional Learning
  • Understanding Intent vs. Impact
  • Exploring Advocacy: Self, Community, Global

Participants will:

  • Understand the roots of trauma and how we can intervene
  • Assess how we can make a healing-centered shift
  • Make a plan to co-create a healing-centered environment


Taught by our Program Managers, Regional Program Directors, Senior Director of Research & Sports Power Lab, and Chief Program Officer, this Trauma-Informed Care to Healing-Centered Engagement Workshop is a two-hour interactive virtual workshop designed for teachers, program staff, counselors, and administrators who work with girls in grades 5-12.


Wednesday, September 14, 2022



Two Times Available:

Option 1 Option 2
Pacific 12:30-2:30 3:30-5:30
Mountain 1:30-3:30 4:30-6:30
Central 2:30-4:30 5:30-7:30
Eastern 3:30-5:30 6:30-8:30


Register for 12:30 pm PT/ 3:30 pm ET

“The training provided a productive reframing of how we can learn about ourselves, change the way we structure programming, and grow to be able to better serve the youth that we work with.”
-Participant from Oakland, CA

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