Thank you, Janet Jackson

We are excited and honored to be recognized by an award-winning music icon for the work we do on behalf of girls to teach them to exercise the power of their voice.


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This week, in tandem with Black History Month, Janet Jackson unveiled The Janet Jackson Archive at The RealReal, a special sale of vintage and rare concert merchandise where 100% of Ms. Jackson’s proceeds will be donated to Girls Leadership. And The RealReal is making their own donation to our work! We cannot thank you enough, Janet Jackson and The RealReal! And thank you to ABC7 News for covering this story.


As someone who has been in the spotlight for a long time, Jackson understands the importance of establishing your voice early. “The sooner we can teach our girls how to speak up for themselves and to stand up for one another and in what they believe in, the better position they’ll be in as they get older,” said Jackson. She also notes how important community and education are within and across generations. “Women need to support one another more from day one and that starts from when we’re younger. We owe it to the younger generation to teach them, so they make fewer mistakes than we did,” she said. 


When Janelle Monáe issued remarks in service of Jackson’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2019, she made clear how impactful representation was to her: “I remember the first time my momma showed me a clip of our Janet Jackson. And I saw this resplendent, assertive, talented girl with an afro puff on the top of her head. And it was just so refreshing to see someone who looked like me and millions of other little black girls around the world.”


Monáe applauded Jackson’s fearless leadership in and beyond music’s realms: “We gather all around the world with your music as our soundtrack. We celebrate you for fighting for women’s rights. We celebrate you for going high when they go low. We celebrate you for being an ally to the LGBTQIA+ communities and marginalized voices around the world. We applaud you for your commitment to excellence. We celebrate you for giving us memories we wish we could bottle up and save for the next lifetime. History is not complete without you, Janet.” 

The feels are so very real! Please support The RealReal x Janet Jackson’s incredible collection. Please watch and share the JANET JACKSON documentary. Please celebrate the excellence that is Janet Jackson’s music through her official playlist and iconic music videos.

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