In the midst of trying times (and good times!), the practice of finding joy can be helpful, especially in our relationships and connections to others. It provides a sense of belonging, and supports the development of resilience and hope.


Here are three ideas to spark joy and keep our connections strong:


Evening check-in

Right before bed, check in with your children and ask them to share a funny moment of the day or something that made them smile today. Be sure to share your funny moment with them!



Dance Party

Turn on music from your childhood and invite your family to dance with you! There are several variations of this activity. You can ask your children if they want to be the DJ and share their favorite music and dance moves with you. If dancing isn’t your thing, make it a music lounge night – an opportunity to share your favorite music.



Weekend Activity

Every member of the family writes on a slip of paper, a fun activity they would like the family to do together. This could be anything from watching a movie, to building a fort, to playing a card game, having a sing along. Grab an empty jar, basket or hat and drop in all the suggestions. Elect one member of the family to choose (no peeking!) one paper out of the jar and that becomes the family activity for the day.



As you consider trying out a tool, make it your own by adapting it to your family’s culture and way of being. Above all, be patient with yourself and your family, knowing that parenting (within or outside of a pandemic) is a series of trials and errors as we raise unique beings. 


Looking for more ways to stay connected this fall? Sign up for one of our upcoming programs starting the first week of November and read our post on Wellness and Connection At Home.

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