Parent & Daughter Book Club – Laura Amy Schlitz

Our February book selection for the Girls Leadership Parent & Daughter Book Club is…

The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz.

About the Book

& the Girls Leadership Connection

Flora is not the sweet, dainty fairy that readers might expect. After she loses her wings as a young fairy, Flora is isolated in a walled garden filled with perils for such a small creature. But she is determined to survive, which she does mainly by manipulating a squirrel named Skuggle into serving her needs.

When Flora embarks on a dangerous mission to free a hummingbird from a spider’s web, she learns that bullying and bossing others about won’t solve all her problems. She must form true friendships, the kind built on respect, compassion, and forgiveness.

This novel, illustrated with beautiful watercolor paintings by Angela Barrett, will make readers feel that they, too, are no bigger than an acorn. They will hold their breath as the tiny, fierce Flora, dagger in hand, battles enormous challenges.

Flora never gives up, not even when faced with great risk. She learns to ask for help, to apologize, and to forgive others, and these skills help her friendships grow.

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About the Author

Laura Amy Schlitz won the Newbery Award in 2008 for Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village, a collection of monologues. She won the Newbery again in 2013 for Splendors and Glooms.

Ms. Schlitz lives in Baltimore, where she works as a lower school librarian at the Park School. She wrote The Night Fairy for the young readers who come into her library asking for fairy books. She says, “They adore the prettiness of fairies, the miniature-ness, but they are also nature lovers and lovers of adventure. They are in fact quite interesting little girls – the future wild women of America. I couldn’t help thinking that these little girls who love fairies deserve something lively.”

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Ms. Schlitz’s newest novel The Hired Girl is a historical fiction Young Adult novel in diary form (recommended for ages 12 and above). The New York Times writes about this book: “The beauty of this novel is that it dares to go beyond the school-is-cruel and paranormal-dystopian-romance conventions and lets its adolescent heroine think on the page about what makes a human being whole: art, love, faith, education, family, friendship.” (New York Times, November 6, 2015)


Amazon is sold out of The Night Fairy!

  • Check out Indiebound, which appears to have it in stock in hardbound.
  • Want to buy it locally? Use Indiebound’s search function to find it in a store near you. Call your local bookstores and see if they stock or can order copies. Especially if a whole book club is looking for copies!
  • Lastly, because The Night Fairy been in print for a few years, it is available at most libraries as well.

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