How to help girls navigate challenging friendships

Have you ever felt like you have been expected to care for others at the expense of your own needs? We imagine the answer is a resounding YES! This is what happens when we teach girls that their primary worth comes from being likeable and polite to others. And this is why communication and relationship skills are at the heart of our professional development. Our upcoming online workshop is ideal for busy educators, coaches, as well as camp and after-school staff Join us for 2 hours on Wednesday, February 15. 

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We asked past training participants how it has been to implement our friendship values curriculum in their classrooms and programs. It was powerful work! These lessons prompted girls to identify their own values, name what they most desire in a reciprocal relationship, and envision it. After facilitating the Friendship Values Spectrum exercise from our curriculum, BELA’s 11th-grade social worker replied to the feedback question, “What do you feel went well?” with, “Everything! It even went well with my toughest group! The questions were relevant and thought-provoking.”

Today we wanted to share this Friendship Values Spectrum exercise — designed to help girls name and prioritize their values in healthy relationships — as a gift for you to use with your students or program youth.

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Now, we want to address something related to taking an online training. We know that right now is a lot (#understatement). But did you know that participants report that the Girls Leadership professional development experience feels like a community retreat to explore identity and practice wellness with unconditional support and care? It’s true. Here is some feedback following our most recent Online Professional Development training.

“I would like to thank you all so much for the work and attention to detail you all put into creating a wonderful training….We know that the types of trainings that highlight the importance of connection, dismantling, and healing are not easy ones to facilitate virtually. But we thought you all went over and beyond to make sure we got what we needed and that certain aspects of your training were not lost in the virtual space … Thank you again for being vulnerable and spreading your gift.”

“It was nice taking the time to reflect and think of the small wins and victories and how I can celebrate those. I enjoyed learning about the four pivots and how I can implement them into my life and as a case manager. I am looking forward to using the SEL tools you’ve shared with us with my youth. Thank you for holding the space for us to come and think of problems that can turn into possibilities one day!”

“I truly walked away with such a great grounding of how to take care of myself in order to take care of others. And it wasn’t a training that felt like our youth NEED us, but we need each other in these times and being able to do this work with love and holistic approaches. I enjoyed the energy, interaction, and engagement throughout the training.”


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