Dear GLI Friends,

We’re feeling the Valentine’s Day love at HQ these days. Amazingly, there are only 4 months left before the Real Deal: GLI summer camp! Registration is in full swing, so get your application in and join us for a life-changing summer!

This month, Rachel keynoted the National Conference on Girls’ Education in Washington, DC. In March, we will travel to Boston to lead our biannual curriculum training for youth professionals hosted by Simmons College. There are five spots left, so apply now if you’re interested!

Our parent-daughter workshops continue to thrive around the country. In April, we’ll run our first programs in the Garden State! Our K-1 programs are in high demand, too; check out what one GLI parent told us about her daughter’s experience: “We are only two weeks in and she is soaring with joy and emotional freedom—finding language skills, a safe place to speak and encouragement beyond her family to talk about her feelings with others.”

Finally, we are delighted to announce the latest addition to the GLI family! Oliver Mindwell Kasen arrived on November 20, 2011! He and his mom and dad, Simone and Dan, are happy and healthy. We can’t wait to teach Ollie GLI games!

Spring is coming!!

All our best,

Simone Marean and Rachel Simmons

GLI Co-Sponsors International Anti-Street Harassment Week

'Hey Baby' Name TagCatcalls, sexist comments, groping, stalking, and assault: gender-based street harassment makes public places unfriendly and even scary for many girls and women. Next month, people around the world will join forces to raise awareness that street harassment is a global problem and work toward solutions for International Anti-Street Harassment Week.

GLI wants to encourage all of our families to take action, even if it’s simply by sharing a story or becoming more informed about the topic. Meet Us On the Street: International Anti-Street Harassment Week is an opportunity to collectively raise awareness that street harassment happens and that it’s not okay. Check out the website to learn more.

GLI Summer Camp is Coming: Are You Signed Up?

It may feel like winter now, but summer is in full swing at GLI HQ! We’re working hard to create another unforgettable summer camp experience for the girl in your life. Join us at Bryn Mawr College near Philadelphia for workshops on communication and healthy friendship, amazing outdoor experiences, and to experience the GLI love. We’ve already got a wait list for one program, so don’t delay! Apply here.

This Month’s Girl Find – Hijack Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day CardValentine’s Day can be a loving experience for girls – or, it can make them (and the rest of us) feel single, left out or pressured to get romantic before we may want to. That’s why we love the Craftivist Collective!

For the last three years, the Collective has organized people internationally to leave Valentine’s Day cards randomly around the places they live. In the last three years, they have left hundreds of letters across the UK (see photos here), America, and Canada. If you’re inspired, create an alternative Valentine’s letter (see template letter here), and hand deliver the letter to gaps in walls, shop shelves, wherever!

GLI Summer Camp Reunion

Girl PyramidWe had a total blast at summer camp reunion, where we got to reconnect, reminisce and Woosh it up, as the picture shows!

GLI is hiring!

Do you want to teach at GLI and develop the next generation of women leaders? We’re hiring! Learn more

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