Every Girl Has An Inner Super Hero

You know your daughter has an inner-super girl. You’ve seen it when she learned to run, go to school, and make new friends. The question is, does she know what she is capable of? Does she know the amazing relationships that she deserves?

We have a NEW parent and daughter program for second and third grade girls that will teach every participant the skills to be brave, resilient, and connected. Last Fall we met with parent alums of our other 2nd and 3rd grade program and asked them what challenges their girls were facing. Parents told us their daughters needed:

  • skills to manage difficult feelings,
  • skills to recognize and take the healthy risks to try new activities,
  • concrete approaches to disagreements with friends, and
  • someone to let their girls know that this BFF expectation is a myth — all relationships have bumps in the road.

We listened. We played and tested, and…. drumroll please:

2_3 Part II Photo

Brave Goals, Balanced Friendships

Four Sessions that Build Your Brave In Any Relationship

In this playful and interactive workshop, parents and girls will…

Week One: True Friendship Inside & Out
Debunk the myth of the one true, perfect, best friend by identifying that there can be many types of friends in their “Friendship Forest” that help us grow.

Week Two: Self-care and Managing Emotions
Develop a “Self-Care” plan to manage their feelings when they are upset and how to take care of themselves when tough feelings arise.

Week Three: Conflict and Compromise: Let’s Make A Deal!
Learn how to compromise assertively to keep relationships in balance using common language around letting go, holding on, and making a deal.

Week Four: Building Our Brave Muscles
Acknowledge feelings of doubt and nervousness to take steps towards bravery in their everyday lives.

Contact your local Outreach Manager to bring this program to your community.
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  1. Eva Wayne

    Could you tell me the details about how to bring a seminar to a community? Please include costs, etc. I’m interested in the Brave Goals, Balanced Friendships for third grade girls. Thank you.

    • Dorothy Ponton, Community Engagement Manager

      Hi Eva,
      Thanks for your comment about bringing Brave Goals, Balanced Friendships to your community. Because of regional differences in facilities and insurance costs, each series has a slightly different price. According to our records, you (or someone with your name) filled out the correct form to get this process started. You’ll get an email soon from our Outreach team about setting one up in your area.

      Please let me know if you have any more questions.

      • Dorothy Ponton, Community Engagement Manager

        Hi Eva,

        I was able to get some more specific information. For the New York area for Fall 2016, this workshop series is $225 per pair.


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