3 Easy Car Games That Secretly Empower Your Kids

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By Molly Mills

Now that summer is upon us, our longer family car rides have devolved into sibling taunting and asking for the phone so they can listen to their music. In case your car sounds like mine, I’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite car games. At Girls Leadership, we love these games because they get kids to think creatively, empowering them to express their thoughts and voice, and they show them that their contributions matter. And, they may just give you some insight into their ever-growing and curious minds. Bonus!

1. Three Things:

One person starts by saying the name of another person in the car followed by a category. The named person has 5 seconds to say the first 3 things that come mind. That person then gets to come up with their own category and name the next player. This can be educational (state capitals) or goofy (things that are striped) or just plain random (words that rhyme with lunch).

2. Wouldn’t it be great if…:

In this game, one person starts out by finishing the sentence “Wouldn’t it be great if…”. The other people in the car then get to each ask 3-5 questions about how they would actually make that happen. Perhaps the next brilliant invention will be thought up on your way up the mountains!

3. Fortunately/Unfortunately:

Players alternate between saying statements that begin with “Fortunately” or “Unfortunately.” For example, one player might say, “Unfortunately, the dragon got into the castle,” and then the next might respond with “Fortunately, the princess knew karate and karate-chopped the dragon’s legs out from under him.” The next player would then continue the story with another Unfortunate statement, followed by a Fortunate statement, and so on until the story is complete.
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