Meant to Move

Athleta Girl is partnering with Movemeant Foundation to fund 30 Meant to Move grants.

These grants help girls from underserved communities across the US take their game to the next level by providing resources for mental, physical and emotional coaching. All in pursuit of helping her reach her full potential.

These 30 financial grants will be awarded to:

  • Girls nationwide between the ages of 8 – 16, paying particular attention to those in underserved communities who have limited access to health, fitness and sports programming
  • Each grant awarded is designed to support sports and other physical activity programs that are either new to the recipient or expand on her existing participation in the sport
  • Grants may be used for sports instruction, athletic equipment, athletic apparel and coaching/mentorship and it may only be used for girls’ sports/physical activity programs

Grant applications open on 8/15 and will remain open through 9/15. For more information, or to apply, visit:
Visit Athleta Girl.

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