Shahin Masthan

Shahin Masthan joins Girls Leadership as a seasoned business leader with 20+ years of experience in global finance and telecom industries in which she took leadership roles for critical business transformations. Shahin was first introduced to Girls leadership in 2018 when she was researching summer camps for her oldest daughter Sana. She was able to connect with the program and purpose of the organization immediately and enrolled her at the Girls leadership program. Since then she has been an advocate of Girls leadership to her network.

Shahin is passionate about helping the less fortunate people and believes that there is no better expression of kindness than being humane in this world as every human being deserves to be treated equally. She has previously served on the management team of PRERNA, an afghan refugee resettlement non-profit organization and is an active participant in several other bay area charities.

She lives in Palo Alto with her husband and two beautiful daughters. In her free time she likes to tend to her home garden and experiment cooking different cuisines.