Regina Manzana-Sawhney

Engineering Program Manager, Product Management Strategy & Ops at Google

Regina drives impact across teams and enables social good by creating shared value. She’s worked in the US and abroad leading efforts across commerce, sales and engineering at Google since 2002. As a Program Manager for Corporate Engineering, she’s focused on diversity, inclusion, cross-functional leadership & development. To honor the perspective culture brings to work, she co-founded the Filipino Googler Network (FGN). She is Chair of the employee resource group and leads the Corporate Engineering Women’s group. She has enabled Googlers from around the globe to partner with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through the company’s Global Leadership Development Program — a talent based in-country immersion program. Outside of work she enjoys experiencing the world through the eyes of her young girls, supporting early stage start-ups and volunteering with groups focused on education, the Philippines and female empowerment. She is a board member of the Girls Leadership Institute, Foundation, PhilDev and Philippine International Aid.