Natalie Demers

Director of Research Initiatives & Programs, National Coalition of Girls' Schools

Natalie joined the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools as Director of Research Initiatives & Programs in July 2018 and brings 18 years of experience in education as teacher, advisor, and administrator to the role.

In this position, Natalie assumes all operational and management responsibilities for the Coalition’s research initiatives, including project development and presentation of findings. She also works on establishing national and international partnerships with researchers and research institutions to further NCGS objectives to be the world’s leading advocate for girls’ schools and premier research hub for girls’ learning.

A graduate of an all-girls school—St. Mary’s Diocesan School, in Kloof, South Africa—Natalie fully appreciates the advantages of an all-girls education and is thrilled to be partnering with NCGS members schools in this vital and empowering work.

Natalie previously served as Academic Dean at Stoneleigh-Burnham School. Most recently, she was Associate Head of School at Kingswood Oxford School.

Natalie earned her B.A. in Art and Art History from Colgate University and her M.S.S. (Master in Social Service) from Bryn Mawr Graduate School for Social Work and Social Research.